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Okay bestforsex69 wanted me to put something up like this. To be honest it was kinda good idea... so yeah the characters Maiya, Yui, Archer and Ray are actually used in my nonsexual story hehe, but who cares, so here enjoy. Perhaps not so great as Infinitedusk writes, but i do my best ^-^ enjoy

Maiya eye's went open slowly, her view was blurry and her head hurts. Her hands felt numb, when she looked up she noticed why. Her hands were cuffed above her head.
She slowly tries to get up, but noticed that even her legs were cuffed onto the ground, she couldn't move nor escape this way. She starts to move around with her hands, thinking that she might get the cuffs loosen up, but even that didn't help. After a while struggling she gave up and sat there. Trying to remember why she's in such a dirty place and why she was alone and not with Ray or Rika...
When suddenly the door went open and a person was standing in the bright light.
"Who's there?" mumbles Maiya.
"Your forgot already little princess?" the person responded with an evil grin.
Maiya's heart started to race as she tries to struggle against the cuffs that were holding her arms and legs.
"A feisty little girl you got there Archer." Says another person that reveals himself behind the first person.
"She's okay... could have picked a better one Archer..." says a girls voice.
"There, there... people let's have some dignity and be nice to the captured princess here." Says Archer.
Maiya starts to struggle even more, while the 3 person came closer.
"Let me go!" yells Maiya while trying to kick with her legs.

Archer chuckles and so did the other 2. "You do know why you are here right?" says Archer.
"NO I DON'T SO LET ME GO!" yells Maiya back.
Archer squatted down in front of Maiya and stared at her blankly. His eyes were cold, lonely yet emotionless. Maiya felt as if she gets hypnotized by this man his eyes. He went next to her ear whispering "You're here as our bait for Ray... he's going to die today..." he chuckles evil and walks away. Noticing that his plan worked to crash his prey mind and emotions.
Maiya's heart beats like crazy, as sweat ran down her back. Her eyes widened when Archer whispered those words. As Tears ran down her cheek, she wanted to scream, to punch these people in the face, but she couldn't she was trapped.
"Let's leave her alone with the rats, or perhaps... Yui keep her company, maybe she likes to see who did this to her..."
"As you wish" chuckles Yui.

Maiya's head started to spin. Yui was the one who did this to her, Yui was the person who knocked her out in the middle of the night. She was responsible for the things that happened around them.
"You traitor!" yells Maiya at Yui.
Yui just grinned when the door got closed behind her. Maiya was now alone with the traitor Yui. Anger was all that Maiya felt, she wanted to kill the person that Ray took into his trust, but got stabbed in the back.

Yui just grinned and walked slowly over to Maiya. "You know Maiya, I always admired your body... and wanted to take a closer look at it..."
"What!?" Maiya got confused and tried to back off.
Yui smiled at her little captive princess "You're going to be my little pet, while Archer is going to kill Ray."

Maiya's eyes started to water. Her thoughts went crazy this wasn't going to happen, this was just a bad dream, a nightmare were she couldn't woke up from. Yui was standing in front of her feeling her arms, caressing them.
Maiya started to struggle "Let me go Yui, or I kick your ass if I get out of here!"
Yui didn't smile this time and slapped Maiya in her face "Shut it! No ones going to hear you!"
Maiya felt hatred and anger coming up again, but she was defenseless. She couldn't stop what was going to happen, but she wouldn't give up without a fight.
Yui noticed Maiya's changing in behavior and kept going on with playing. Her small fingers were caressing Maiya's cheek when she reached out for a kiss, but Maiya wouldn't let this happen. She spitted right into Yui's face in turn for that she got bitch slapped again.
"Don't you dare to do that again!" Yells Yui while grabbing onto Maiya's throat choking her.
Maiya couldn't breath and felt tears running down her cheek. Why is this happening to her. Yui just got turned on more by the view and went for a kiss. Maiya couldn't resist and felt Yui's tongue inside her mouth. Their tongues were playing inside eachothers mouth. Maiya noticed something that she just didn't wanted to accept, she got wet slightly. She couldn't believe what was happening to her.
Yui stopped and pulled away from her little pet, as their tongues parted saliva dripped down onto Maiya's Gi.
"Let's take off some of those clothes..."
"No... please Yui don't..." begs Maiya.
Yui didn't' listen and starts to open Maiya's Gi revealing her small firm breast.
"So nice..." Chuckles Yui, while starting to massage Maiya's firm breast.
"No... please stop..." moans Maiya softly.
"Stop? I don't think so... your moaning... you like it... heck like I will stop!" she laughs evil and went down to suckle upon Miaya's nipple. Maiya couldn't hold it and left out a moan. Yui's teeth were biting softly and hard, while then again she could feel her lips sucking and kissing over and over.
Yui enjoyed this part of playing and went slowly with her hands over to Maiya's hakama and slowly rolls it up. Giving her the opportunity to caress Maiya's legs, up to her thighs and more up to her most private part. Her fingers found what she was looking for and notifies Yui that Maiya was ready for more.
"You're a little perverted princess, Maiya..."
"No... I'm not..." responded Maiya while sobbing.
Yui didn't care for what Maiya said and rips of Maiya's hakama and gi. There it was the beautiful princess naked only having her wet soaking panty on and nothing else.
Maiya stared at the door hoping that Ray or someone might rescue her from this mess, but no one came.
Yui enjoyed this view even more and started to undress herself a bit too, taking off her top and revealing her nice big breast and hardened nipple
She pressed her breast against Maiya's face "suck on them or I'll cut your be lovely body into tiny pieces..."
Maiya obediently started to put Yui's breast in her mouth. She smelled good Maiya thought, when suddenly she noticed that she totally lost control of herself, she didn't know anymore if she wanted this or not.
"That's right little slut, suck on them" Yui started to moan and went with her hands over her breasts. Maiya felt that weird down her body, she wanted to touch it, but couldn't use her hands, she wanted Yui to please her. Maiya stopped sucking and pushed Yui's breasts away.
"Please Yui... I'm all yours... please just..."
Yui kissed Maiya and went with her hands over Maiya's body touching her waists and going up her stomach, making Maiya shiver of pleasure. Her hands went down the wet soaking panties, poking it with a finger. Maiya moans softly into Yui's face, this is exactly what Yui wanted. To fuck this little helpless Princess. Before Maiya knew what was happening her panties were off and the nice hands were replaced with Yui's warm tongue flicking over her pussy lips. Maiya shrieked it out of pleasure and started to pant and moan in pleasure.
"More... more..." begs Maiya.
Yui's hand went around Maiya's legs to have a better grip and started to lick her all out, eating that little wet cunt. She enjoyed the sweet smell, the sweet yet salty taste of the pussy she had in front of her. Maiya couldn't control her self, she couldn't think clear anymore. She was still a virgin and was saving herself for Ray, but this was just simply amazing. Her head went back, as she arched her back. Yui noticed it and pressed her hands under Maiya's ass to pull her up, making it easier to lick her. Maiya shrieked out it out, when she started squirt all over Yui's hungry mouth.
"OH GOD!" Yells Maiya while feeling Yui's hungry mouth sucking her pussy dry.
"Relieved?" Asks Yui.
Maiya nodded and smiled when Yui kissed her.
"My turn..." orders Yui.
Maiya nodded obediently and gets her cuffs released. Before Yui knew what happened Maiya jumped on top of Yui and started to rip of her hot pants and eats her out. Maiya wanted to take revenge and started to feel Yui's breast and pinched her nipples. Yet she was licking Yui's ass up to her pussy and then back. Yui moans in delight and grabs Maiya by her hair.
"Yeah you little slut, keep going..."
Maiya stopped and turned Yui around making her get on all fours, she went to lick her pussy again and up to the ass, when suddenly Yui fellt something pressing against her butt.
"Hey! NO!" she shrieked out when Maiya pushed a finger or two up the tight little ass of Yui.
"Ugh! No Stop that Maiya! I kill you!"
Maiya ignored Yui and kept pumping with her finger down the little tight ass. While playing with her own clitt at the same time. Yui felt like she was about the cum and started to pant heavy. When suddenly the door got bashed open and a guy was standing there. At that same point both girls shrieked out of pleasure and came all over the floor.
"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!" Yells the guy.
It was Ray.

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